What is the #1 Question People Have About Coworking? | I’m Outta Here!

The #1 question is still, “What is coworking?” if my day to day conversation about our book is any indication.  Most people on the street have never heard of coworking, so that question isn’t a surprise.

I’m interested in what people who have heard of coworking want to know about, so I asked (via Twitter, of course—my ad hoc polling tool of choice).  The answers surprised me.  I had expected questions about the mechanics of setting up a coworking space, mixed with questions about where to find more information.

Instead, easily well over half of the questions had to do with social issues—how to handle noise, what about distraction, can I really get my work done in a coworking space?

In retrospect, this is no surprise.  Coworking is about work.  Coworking’s invention and rapid growth is fueled by the very pragmatic need for a place to work.

Ensuring this is the case should weigh heavily in any coworking plan’s feature list.

– Todd

Thanks to everyone who responded!

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