The NYC Coworking Field Trip | I’m Outta Here!

On Wednesday, May 27, I’m piloting a Coworking Field Trip to coworking spaces in Manhattan and Brooklyn.  The plan is to highlight the diversity in coworking spaces in a city or metropolitan area.  This diversity—in design of the space, in the activities (other than work) that take place there, in the people that work there—is one of coworking’s strongest points.  It points to the incredible level of innovation that’s going on in the space—innovation that will both lead to insights into work and workplace, and into the design of coworking spaces themselves.

The spaces this time around are:

  • New Work City
  • Ditmas Workspace
  • Treehouse Coworking
  • Williamsburg Coworking

If you’re interested (either as a space or a participant) in taking part in a future field trip, let me know.

Pictures (and tweets) of the event will be posted.


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