We have a book! | I’m Outta Here!

The first test copy of the book arrived at New Work City today! And it’s beautiful! Already getting feedback from folks and already learned of a few things that need to be adjusted to accomodate Lulu’s printing process, but we’re well on our way! If you’re in NYC, feel free to drop by NWC to

Scaling Coworking | I’m Outta Here!

It’s been fascinating to watch the coworking concept evolve over time. When I first learned about coworking, there were only a handful of coworking spaces in existence, and few of those had been open for very long. Now, as coworking approaches its fourth year, we have dozens of spaces in dozens of cities- and many

Workspace Matters | I’m Outta Here!

Today (and perhaps tomorrow) Tony and Todd will be at New Work City sifting through pictures and laying out the design of the book.  We don’t have enough high res pictures, really, so we are having to resort to the friends and family plan.  We want to go heavy on the pictures for a simple

Today’s Coworking Chatter on Twitter | I’m Outta Here!

I don’t know who many of these people are.  For a while I tried to follow everyone/anyone who mentioned “coworking” in a tweet.  I’ve long since given up. Todd Sundsted blog comments powered by