Happy Third Birthday, Jelly! | I’m Outta Here!

Three years ago today, Amit Gupta put up a post on the House 2.0 blog Introducing Jelly – a semi-weekly work-together – and began what would become a global movement.

Today, Jelly is in over 30 cities worldwide, has spun off Jelly Talks, and is growing every day.

Thursday I met the guys from Jelly Sydney, who kicked off last year’s 24 Hours of Jelly, and seeing just how similar they are to the people I’ve encountered from other cities reminded me just how much technology’s been helping likeminded people connect everywhere.

Three years in, I can’t help but wonder what Jelly will look like three years from now. What will coworking and Jelly communities be like after they’ve had three more years to spread? Will they continue to grow and thrive, or give way to something else?

Whatever it is, the path we’re going down is a healthy one, and an exciting one. Cheers to Amit and Luke, and happy birthday to Jelly!

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