2009 February | I’m Outta Here!

Howdy Folks!

After many months, we are glad to announce that we have a book!  It is Monday night, February 16, and the book is now for sale at Lulu.com!

In going the Lulu route, we have the opportunity to continually grow and improve the book over time.  We plan on periodically folding in new information, ideas, and updates from the awesome world of coworking, and will be releasing subsequent editions when it feels right.

This points to a couple of important communications details regarding how we proceed from here.  First, notice the entry headings on the right side of the site.  Each of these is connected to a book entry, where we are beginning to provide source materials, comments, and further readings.  The main reason for opening each book entry on the site is to invite feedback, suggestions, commentaries, stories and interaction.  The idea is to make the book just a starting point for the ongoing conversation that’s happening online.  Self publishing provides an exciting platform for books to become living, breathing, open documents, very different from the one-off prints of traditional publishing where a book is eternally static from the day it is “printed” and “released.”

Another detail pertains to the different forms in which the book will be available.  The first edition will be a black and white version of the book, which runs at $18.  If there’s interest, we’re looking into offering a downloadable eBook for about $10 and/or a color version of the book for around $45.  The color copies look awesome, but they are also much more expensive to produce, and thus the ouch! price.  We are assuming that many will prefer the black and white edition, but we will make the other types available if you are interested.

That’s it for now, and we look forward to talking with you “in the book” in the coming months-

Drew, Todd, and Tony